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Silly Old Sea Dog

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It all started at Truro College ………………………………… As part of my second year of my commercial Fashion Foundation Degree, I decided to make a collection of bright coloured alternative clothing, and it for once turned out a success! I made 3 items – 2 dresses and a skirt out of fun colourful and children’s fabrics. I was really pleased with the results! As part of my uni brief I also had to set up promotion for my items and name the brand etc, so I set up a Facebook page and came up with the name, I made a few bags to sell on Etsy and got a great response. I then completed a photoshoot with a local model and a photographer from the college of the 3 dresses that I had made, I posted the pictures on here and also to some blogs and had people enquiring to buy things. I also had these 3 garments advertised as part of the college exhibition, I left out over 100 business cards with a link to my Facebook page and within 2 days they had all gone so I had to drop off more!
I went from there, people wanted to buy bits and order them specially (starting with friends and people I knew) and then moving on to people all around the world through Etsy – I have shipped lots of pieces to the USA, Australia, Ireland, Europe and the UK.
I am inspired by lots of things, I would say that my main inspiration is the fabrics that I choose, the colours are the focus of my design. I basically buy fabric that I like and think ‘oooh I want that!’ I love vintage clothing, especially the silhouettes of the 1950s and these shapes can be seen throughout my collection, the glamour, femininity and tailoring of this era is an inspiration in itself. I enjoy looking at vintage and handmade items in vintage stores and online. I much prefer buying handmade or made in England items, I feel that the personality of these items has a far greater satisfaction than buying something from the high street which has been made in a mass produced Asian factory setting and that can basically be brought in a similar form from a number of shops. Having something handmade is individual to the wearer and creates excitement and your own image.
All Silly Old Sea Dog items are passionately designed and handmade in the UK, we do not factory produce or produce overseas. Items are handmade from my studio in Newquay and can be made to your requirements.
We will be appearing at a selection of Vintage Fairs and fashion events, as well as rolling out our range into a number of selected stores in the UK. If you own a store or operate an event that you feel would be suitable for us, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.
Make sure to check out our Facebook page and add a photo of you rocking your Silly Old Sea Dog!
Please feel free to browse and if you would like to contact me, please do so using the “Contact” link in the menu at the top.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Alison x